EJFJ Corporation SSP
Ergonomic Consulting
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SSSR, our discrete part, safe ...

#LogoEJFJ #that the good useful bare necessities ... Just what is to be done that no one does and EJFJ Corporation SSPcontributes to the successful completion of that fact day after dayof the humanity in the world! We have to ensure that working with good intentions, a strike force, discreet, called HSSC (for EJFJ Secret Security Services). Based on USSS, they have additional rights and respect for rules EJFJ they disarm more than they kill ... They are back and not in any way block the functioning of individual lives but they are alert and intervene remotely necessary without notice (destruction of weapons, ammunition, missiles, ...) . They work very early, as Bill IT and MediSecure International avoiding the culprits ayent to regret what they have done (the principle of self-responsibility of Bill Technologies International .
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