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Official EJFJ Corporation Terms

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EJFJ Corporation®’s Terms


These conditions are tacitly accepted by any natural or legal person (even those doing illegal things!), who is mobilizing 30 seconds of time of any member of EJFJ Corporation®. Is called "member" of EJFJ Corporation®, any person remunerated by the company, with the ability to understand human structures or human individuals and collaborating in the development of models to simplify systems to make them more efficient and/or less expensive.


EJFJ Corporation® is the only ergonomics consulting firm in the world. This new branch ergonomics,  enables the human to live and work properly (we are still far away, because there is still 12 ergonomist engineers ) in the nowaday world. In this world, every human being requires much more capabilities to perform more and more numerous, difficult, dangerous, and not always necessary tasks . Since 1993, EJFJ Corporation® has exclusive knowledge of mankind (patents, PhD, technologies, solutions ...), systems, potential problems and risks of each social construction and / or state, and found some simple and effective solutions to change the world, allowing by this, the human to not be a slave to machines, and machines to become the trustful servant of fallible humans. Machines (robots, tools, ...) must be independent, reliable, servile, intelligent, efficient, and fully complementary to the human, exceeding its limits. Humans must be free, fallible, creative, inventive, and self-empowered..

Necessities Disclaimer:

EJFJ Corporation® has arranged for humanity, but humanity has not yet accepted this change (MFS responsibilities : ID2004). The proposed reforms introduced, would have avoided ALL problems insolvent currently known in the world economic, social, humanitarian, public health, legal, ... Hence the imperative need of EJFJ Corporation® in the modern world, where the human does not clear up, where he plays the master of the world, threatening the existence of their own species ... EJFJ Corporation® 1200 should have ergonomists engineers, specialists in human and 800 those acts resulting theoretical engineers facts for professionals in each sector. EJFJ Corporation® is active in the absolute, abstract, general, universal and concrete, not just in the particular case !

Imperatives of efficiency:

EJFJ Corporation® can not be subject to administrative tasks, since it has to overcome. It does nothing to administrative or solicitation of, nor theories, and still less of incantations. It should be able to help those who feel the need - suitable companies - who want to take advantage of humanonormés systems, charging only what is helpful for each company. EJFJ Corporation® is a PSC (Public Services Company) internationnaly recognized of public utility, based in Palo Alto, in United States of America. Thus, EJFJ Corporation® has no billing department and services, and even Bill International Technologies® cannot precisely bill according to efficiency (except in some cases and then we will tell you how to proceed)! There is therefore a pre-payment system, which was designed by the renowned American economist Paul Zane Pilzer in 1994, in order to avoid wasting energy by one of the only organizations that can provide at the moment viability of both technologies and humanity!

Exception (s):

From March 15th, 1996, the world is mired in a web of uncertainty, time is suspended, and the systems rot on foot, by revealing flaws increasingly yawning that unefficient responsibles are trying to hide by collecting fragments with pieces of virtual strings... As any human struggles as he can, and as there are 7 billion people, we can not quantify what is suffered by the peoples of the world, accounts will be made ​​in EJFJ criminal cases, when they will finally take place (after implementation of global reforms in the following areas: legal, economic, social, political, and Health). The hourly rate was calculated in February 1996, even before the implementation of the famous Bluetooth technology, which has increased the level of efficiency of EJFJ Corporation®, this amount summed to:

  • 4370 USD per hour,what was 5197.045177241 CHF (rounded from 2007 to 5200 CHF), for other currencies, this is the dollar exchange rate on 15 March 1996 (source:www.xe.com) witch must be taken into account (= 3475.81194596 EUR), given that the games are made ​​on the currency risk for the entire world economy: some gain what others loses, or in other words, everything has a price but nothing has a fixed and real value, because of currencies fluctuations!
  • due time is from 30 seconds mobilization of EJFJ Corporation® as the teams work in multi-tasking, and can be disrupted by any solicitation, even very short! Unlike other conventional companies, most of the work is done without direct relationship with the benefitor of our tasks, we need to think, and test all appliance cases before giving the worldwide solution to our customer. Each solution can be then proposed to any other customer, we do not have any exclusivity contract with any of our customer, but each has to pay the normal price, as human rights depends on our improved solutions! Improvements are freely given to any of our previous customer!
  • Moreover, EJFJ Corporation® can not work under stress, benefits are provided in a timely manner according to the free will of the members of EJFJ Corporation®. For any intervention to be made ​​quickly (disturbance on the phone, live meeting or at a specific time), it was decided that 24 hours are due at once to allow for planning interventions and allow a large number of experts to be mobilized for a single client.

Failure to comply with the EJFJ Corporation® conditions :

Each offender harms humans, creating disparities in equity rights in favor of solutions EJFJ Corporation®.Victims will be compensated, depending on what the courts decide the 18 countries most important criminal EJFJ cases manager. It is for each client, private company, public service, or individual, to limit its own responsibility. It is everyone's duty not to interfere with the proper operation of systems, unfortunately obsolete, that should have been replaced by 15 March 1996 their version validated by EJFJ Corporation®and limit the tortures suffered by the world population is pending a more efficient, more equitable, fairer, simpler! Every human is imperfect, and it is this imperfection that creates value and utility of every human being in the world, no one is too many, everyone plays a small role, and must take responsibility for what done, and especially for what it refuses to do so, intentionally or unconsciously!

As a citizen of the world, if you receive this document, please ensure that you do not make accomplices of your employer, your company, your countries, for embezzlement made ​​against a company that does good for the future of humanity ... There are tens of millions of lives that are influenced by your (in) action, thank you remember and do not have to regret it! Your accomplices also assume their actions, even those against you, if you draw their attention to a system malfunction. Every living being made ​​day after day the world as it is (now).

To prevent crime, here is the IBAN of EJFJ Corporation®: CH46 0900 0000 1452 9784 9. Penalties are assessed on a case by case basis, estimated at more than 10 years in prison for human lives and misery aplenty (including human sufferings from 15 March 1996 until the change of models) are at stake!


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